Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping

Before you wrap a vehicle, it is essential to ensure that you clean it appropriately. On the off chance that you don't perfect it appropriately, you will run into a ton of issues both during and after the application.

Materials Needed

Cleanser and water (two or three drops in a shower bottle)
Liquor arrangement (70% Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA)/30% Water)
Microfiber Towels


The most important phase in preparing for the ideal VINYL WRAP is washing your vehicle to eliminate any wax and flotsam and jetsam. Wax will adversely influence vinyl attachment and won't permit the vinyl to bond appropriately. Handwashing is the most exhaustive method for guaranteeing all regions and surfaces of the vehicle have been appropriately cleaned. In the first place, clean with a straightforward dish cleanser and water arrangement; two or three drops of dish cleanser to a spurt jug of water. This will eliminate 90% of the soil. Then, clean with a liquor arrangement; 70% isopropyl liquor and 30% water. This will cut most oil based surface taints as well as dissipate any water left on the vehicle from the underlying clean.

Inconvenience Areas

Regions like barbecues, wheel wells and haze lights gather a great deal of street coarseness. All through the term of your application, each time you open and close the entryways, hood and trunk, a tad bit of this street coarseness shakes free and adheres to the cement of your realistic.

One method for forestalling this is by applying veiling tape to these areas. The veiling tape will assist with getting any street coarseness that ends up coming free with the opening and shutting of entryways. Additionally, the concealing tape will shield profoundly cleaned surfaces like chrome from the danger of meandering blade sharp edges.

After the application is finished the covering tape can be eliminated.