Spruce Up Your Car With A Dragon Ball Z Hood Wrap

Everyone has their version of "timeless classic" stories that have molded their personalities and colored vivid imaginations that make them unapologetically themselves. And what good is this vibrancy of choices if they cannot trickle into everyday life and add a dash of texture with touches of tints and tones?

Vinyl hood wraps are just what anime fanatics and car enthusiasts could have asked for – combining the benefits and providing the best of both worlds. Favor Graphics brings you unique Dragon Ball Z vinyl wraps that instantly transform your car and show your love for DBZ. From Goku's million-kilometer journey through the Snake Way or the exciting and gut-wrenching battle with the Saiyans, you can easily get Dragon Ball Z vinyl hood wraps on demand. The best part? They can be customized, allowing you to choose the DBZ scene you want for your hood. 

 Dragon ball z hood wrap, Dragon ball z vinyl wrap

What is a Vinyl Hood Wrap?

Before we go on an exciting rant about why we love a good Dragon Ball Z hood vinyl wrap, let's take a moment to know what the buzz is all about.

A hood vinyl wrap is a large graphic vinyl applied directly over your car's original paint to instantly change its appearance. The vinyl is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer blend with additives that make the sheet flexible and resistant to UV light.In the 1950s, vinyl was only used for logos, custom lettering, and decals. It wasn't until 1993 that the idea to entirely warp a car in vinyl caught on.


There are three stages for vinyl wrapping hood for a fantastic transformation:

  • Designing: The creative journey to beautify any car initiates with coming up with an awe-inspiring design that turns heads. Often, customers know what they want, like particular scenes or characters from their favorite anime, such as a dragon ball Z hood wrap. However, some others use the help of in-house designers who guide customers in creating customized artwork. Once the design is finalized, the vehicle is measured for accurate graphics application.
  • Production: During this phase, the graphics are produced, printed, and laminated to protect them from fading and abrasions.
  • Installation: Finally, the hood vinyl wrap is applied to the vehicle for an inspiring and artistic look that makes your car stand out from a herd of monochromatic vehicles that swarm the streets.


Why Choose Dragon Ball Z Hood Wraps Over Painting

Painting and wrapping can be thought of as new outfits to your car that will change its appearance to better suit your singular tastes. And if you are wondering which option is better suited to give your car a facelift, here is a comparative analysis:



Car Painting

Car Wrapping


You will need professional assistance and equipment to give your newly painted car a showroom finish, increasing the overall cost. This adds up with more customization, such as unique graphics and designs.

The process for car wrapping is relatively more straightforward, and the vinyl wrap application can be made without any professional assistance as it is simply a film glued onto your car.


The paint job takes weeks to complete as you have to wait for your car to be scheduled and then wait some more for the paint to dry between coats.

A major benefit of wrapping is that you get your car in your hands much faster – in less than a week, and some companies can even do the job in a single day! However, Favor Graphics creates easy-to-install hood wraps with DIYers in mind.


Paint jobs are long-lasting on one condition: if the applied paint is of superior quality. If not, it soon starts to chip, wear, and fade, leaving you no choice but to get the paint re-done.

Vinyl wraps act as an added layer of protection and can last for as long as 10 years. In addition, it protects the car and its original paint from scratches and damage. The UV-resistant wraps also prevent your design from fading, ensuring it looks good as new.


With paint, adding special effects and graphics is a lot more challenging, limiting the options to choose from.

True to its word, vinyl wrapping promise complete customization. If a customer wants a Dragon Ball Z hood wrap, they can get what they asked for without much of a hassle


Aside from the damage to your car that comes with taking off a paint coat or restoring a scuffed panel, the sheer effort needed for re-work is underestimated.

Suppose you are over your Dragon Ball Z vinyl wrap and want a newer one as your character loyalties may have changed. In that case, the re-work is as simple as peeling off the former layer.

Resale Value

Paint can easily scratch, chip, or fade, bringing down the car's resale value.

The car's original paint is protected with vinyl wraps as an additional layer is added to retain its appearance.


It is easy to love vinyl wrapping when you truly consider the benefits it offers in addition to the improved aesthetics of your car.

 Dragon ball z hood wrap, Dragon ball z vinyl wrap

Installing Your Dragon Ball Z Hood Wrap, The Right Way

Installing a vinyl hood wrap requires patience, precision, and a degree of experience. In fact, most hood wrap companies recommend that you seek the help of a professional to get the job done right. However, when you get your Dragon Ball Z hood wraps from Favor graphics, you can forget the extra costs of hiring a professional to install it.

At Favour Graphics, we create your Dragon Ball Z hood wraps on demand. Moreover, to ensure you get the perfect fit for your hood, you can simply tell us your vehicle model and year. From there, our team will create your vinyl hood wrap and cut it to perfection, so all you will have to do is carefully place it on your hood.


The Takeaway

To conclude, the right vinyl hood wraps provider is the one who shares your passion for cars, graphics, and of course, your favorite anime. At Favor Graphics, we offer Dragon Ball Z vinyl wrap for your hood at the most affordable rates on the market. Visit our store to view our Dragon Ball Z vinyl wrap collection or place a custom design order.