The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Wraps.

Your car is an expression of who you are.

While there are many ways to customize your ride, VINYL CAR WRAP items are becoming an increasingly popular option. However, with more popularity comes more options - and more options means more questions.

From item options, to durability, to cost, here is my take on a portion of your top vehicle wrap FAQs:

Answers to your best 7 vehicle wrap FAQs.

What is a vinyl wrap?

A car wrap is a colored graphic film that is applied directly to your vehicle by a graphics installer. It's an easy way to add accents to your vehicle, or change the color totally.

What car wrap options are available?

Vehicle vinyl wrap design options are almost limitless. For example, 3M™ Print Wrap Film Series 1080 comes in more than 100 colors and a variety of surface options, including brushed, carbon fiber, matte, satin and shine. You can either pick a single color or finish, or layer them for a custom combination. If you don't know how to pick one, you can utilize the 3M Customizer to virtually "take a stab at" vehicle wraps before you purchase.

How much does a custom car wrap cost?

While costs range from two or three hundred dollars for accents to a couple thousand dollars for a full vinyl wrap for car, the final tally relies upon your specific requirements. This includes the size of the vehicle, how much of the vehicle is being wrapped, the film you select, the complexity of the processing, and installation.

How long can a printed vinyl wrap last?

You ought to expect your vehicle wrap film to last approximately five to seven years, depending on the finish and appropriate maintenance.

Can you wrap a car with paint scratches, dents or rust?

Vinyl Car wrap film is thin and flexible, which allows it to conform beautifully to the shapes of your vehicle. So while it can be applied over imperfections, like paint chips, know that it will conform to them - not cover them. Before spending the time and cash to wrap a damaged or rusted vehicle, I suggest repairing it first.

How do I take care of a vinyl wrap?

Keeping your vehicle wrap clean will assist with preserving its appearance. Vehicle vinyl wraps can be washed: you can take the vehicle through a brushless car wash or hand wash. Hand waxing your vehicle wrap will also assist with protecting it.

Will removing the vehicle wrap damage the paint?

When utilized, applied, maintained and eliminated according to 3M's instructions and within the item's 3M Warranty Period, 3M™ Print Wrap Film Series 1080 shouldn't damage an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paint finish upon removal.